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Francisco Vazquez is considered the Creator of L.A. Style Salsa-on-One. He and his partner Shakaia Francois direct Los Rumberos Dance Company


Francisco Vazquez

Creator of LA-Style Salsa-on-One

Francisco Vazquez is the Director, Visionary and Master Choreographer of Los Rumberos Dance Company. He is an Internationally accomplished Instructor and Professional Dancer, now residing in Los Angeles, California.  

He first became famous, when he and his brothers, Johny Vazquez and Luis Vazquez, pioneered the L.A. Salsa scene in the 90s. Francisco Vazquez has become known around the world, as the King of Salsa and the legendary Pioneer of L.A. Style Salsa (on 1). 

For the last 28 years, Francisco has developed innovative ideas and paved the way for salsa across the globe. Famous for introducing acrobatics, combining tricks with complex hand patterns, fast foot work and crazy spins. He transformed the dance scene, winning numerous competitions, along with his brothers and their dance companies. 


For many years, he has travelled the world to perform and share his vast knowledge. And together for ten years with his dance partner at the time, Monica Gonzales, they brought their inspiration and musical productions to a new level! Francisco has traveled all over Europe, Asia, Central and South America. He has had the honor of  dancing with many talented dancers, including Charlene Rose, Teria Morada, Daniela Settanni, Stephanie and Cindy Stevenson, Jennifer Silvas, Diana Sanchez, Ruby Karen,  Marilyn Garduno, Shakaia Francois and Vivian Parodi. 


Francisco's eye for detail, taste for precision and discipline to technique are part of what makes him so special. He is able to effortlessly interpret the music and bring to you the essence and passion, along with the heart of salsa, thru his performance and choreography. Currently, you can catch him in Los Angeles. He is open for private lessons, group classes, performances, workshops and customized choreography.

Shakaia Francois

Co-Director of Los Rumberos and Las Rumberas

Shakaia Francois, Co-Director of Los Rumberos and Las Rumberas Dance Company.  Shakaia has been teaching, dancing and performing with Francisco Vazquez for the last 8 years. Currently they  live and teach together in Los Angeles, Ca.  Shakaia teaching ability has developed over many years and she is teaches all styles of latin dance and all levels.


Together they also  produce amazing events, such as Footwork Mania and the L.A. Woman Dance Festival, uniting the dance community in Los Angeles.  

Shakaia enjoys teaching, sharing her passion and love for dance while helping others reach their goals. She has a background in Flamenco/Spanish Classical Dance, taught by the infamous Martita Santiago. Her emphasis is on discipline and technique and she is known for her inhibition and passion on the dance floor as well as her ability to inspire her audience. Contact her for private lessons or choreography.


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