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Francisco Vazquez founded Los Rumberos Dance Company in 1993. The group has gained a following for their high-energy performances and innovative choreography, and continues to perform today, co-directed by Francisco and Shakaia Francois.

Los Rumberos December 2023 Group Dress Rehearsal Photo WhatsApp Image_edited.jpg

Practice Schedule

Sundays 1-3PM

Wednesdays 9-10:30PM

5423 East Village Road

Long Beach, CA 90808

How to Join

Please contact Shakaia Francois or Francisco Vazquez at (310)962-8440 to join.


Los Rumberos perform at major salsa events 2-3 per year, in addition to salsa club events throughout the year.


Los Rumberos currently has a salsa team that performs choreography with partner-work, featuring leads and follows, as well as styling teams that perform individual footwork

If you’d like more information about the team, get in touch today.

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