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L. A Woman Virtual Dance Fest

Join 12 Talented Instructors in a Virtual Dance Fest

Saturday December 26 and Sunday December 27, 2020


Come immerse yourself in a weekend filled with rhythm, sweat, passion and inspiration. You can take your your dancing to the next level. By unifying our Cultural  Diversity in Dance,

We Can Empower the Women of Latin Dance to share and learn together.


Workshops will all be focused on Ladies Styling, with the following Top LA Instructors and World Champion Dancers. from around the world.  Embrace your heart and passion for the love of dance:


Stephanie Stevenson, Liz Lira, Laura Canellias,  Erica Reyna,

Janette Valenzuela, Shakaia Francois, Jo Quinones, 

GracielleJeanne Tan, Giulia Perri, Annette Saucillo,

Daniela Settanni, Erika Spirito


Hosted by Los Rumberos Dance Company

Shakaia and Francisco Vazquez

More info. 310-962-8440 or 541-543-5828

please call or text for questions


Gift Opportunity:

Here is your chance to give the gift of dance to the one you love this Holiday Season!!! Share with your dance partner, teammate or family.


This year we had to reschedule our event and are now hosting a Virtual Dance Fest Via Zoom. Featuring 12 Instructors and International Guests!!! 


Learn from the comfort of your own home! This year has been hard for everyone. This is our opportunity to bid farewell to 2020 and do what we love to do, dance. United by our love of dance, we want to share our passion and bring our community together one last time in 2020!!


Dates: 2 day Virtual Event

  1. Saturday December 26: 10-4 pm PST

  2. Sunday December 27th: 10-4 pm PST


12 Classes: 45 min each; Open Level 

~Must Have the Zoom App on your phone or computer


We will: 

  1. We will send you the 12 Zoom Meeting ID numbers. You will use the codes to access each class.

  2. Pls understand that this is a rescheduled event and a way to offer something back to the community.

  3. We will be accepting payment for the event online via

  4. PayPal or directly thru this website

  5. Cost: $35 in advance; $45 the day of.

  6. If you previously purchased the event ticket in March we will email or text you access codes for this event. 


Best Wishes-

Shakaia and Francisco Vazquez 

thank you

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